Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paul Heyman's RAW cameo

To be perfectly honest, RAW lost me to the Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech game at some point last night. As I was flipping between my two Twitter feeds (@mckinneydg and @s_atl_wrestling) I caught wind of what sounded like a major storyline brewing.

While I have no idea where this is going, the Punk/Heyman pairing sounds like a winner.  Given the verbal talents of this duo I would think that there will be constant entertainment on the mic.  Paul Heyman is the perfect "agitator" for lack of a better term of the McMahon Dynasty and his inclusion in the Punk/Cena angle will only make it feel more personal and important. 

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube channel

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  1. As you probably know, I marked-out big time for this!!! It's literally a dream-come-true type of angle for me, as I proposed a similar scenario when you profiled me a few weeks back and asked me to come up with a story-line idea. This has potential written all over it in my opinion! Let's hope WWE scores a touchdown with it!